same here! :( it will be released on february 19 in germany. sucks.

it really does :(

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Those tweets/reviews made me a little upset because I can’t believe I’ll need to wait till february to watch this movie.

and only if i’m lucky

The Imitation Game Reviews

I decided to make a list with the reviews for The Imitation Game. It’ll be updated as the reviews are being posted. Be aware that they might not be spoiler-free. 


The TIG review by The Hollywood Reporter isn’t spoiler-free, so in case you don’t want to be spoiled, I would recommend you to skip this one.

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people tweeting about the imitation game and praising benedict they are making me sO PROUD YOU HAVE NO IDEA

Today is the world premiere of The Imitation Game at the Telluride Festival.

Man, time flies. O_O

(No, Ben isn’t going to Telluride. He’s in London.)